DOSIMYCO LC-MS reagent kit for immunosuppressants in plasma


DOSIMYCO for mycophenolic acid and its metabolite in plasma

Alsachim, a Shimadzu Group Company, developed DOSIMYCO, a LC-MS reagent kit for the quantification of mycophenolic acid and its glucuronide in plasma. Based on MRM technology and the use of stable labeled internal standards (with deuterium and carbon-13) developed by Alsachim, the DOSIMYCO kit enables simultaneous quantification of mycophenolic acid (MPA) and its glucuronide (MPA-G).
This diagnostic kit is ready-to-use with all the components and accessories required to monitor immunosuppressant (MPA & MPA-G) in patient sample.


Ready-to-use LC-MS reagent kit for immunosuppressants in plasma

DOSIMYCO a turnkey solution:

  • 3 sets composed by: calibrator Set (with 6 levels and blank), Internal Standard Set and Control Set (with 3 levels)
  • ready-to-use consumables: Mobile Phase A, Mobile Phase B, System Cleaning Phase, extraction and reconstitution buffer, analytical & trap columns, LC vials, microtubes

DOSIMYCO is available for 200 analysis and delivered with all documentation (analytical and sample method, quality data sheet, etc.).
The kit of 200 analyses is composed of: Mobiles Phases A & B, Cleaning phase, extraction/reconstitution buffer, Controls, Calibrators, Internal Standards, analytical & trap columns.

The kit can be customized tailored to your specific requirements (number of analysis). Please contact us to explain your specific needs or to arrange a demo:

DOSIMYCO benefits:

  • Standardized
  • Ready-to-use
  • Supported by the manufacturer
  • Consistent QC material available

Order information:

RUO Version Full kit
227-40300-58 DOSIMYCO Kit for 200 Analysis
RUO Version Individual Kit-Components / Content per Kit:
Qty in Kit of 200
227-40302-58 DOSIMYCO, Mobile Phase A (1 L) 1
227-40303-58 DOSIMYCO, Mobile Phase B (1 L) 1
227-40304-58 DOSIMYCO, System Cleaning Phase (1 L) 1
227-40305-58 DOSIMYCO, Extraction Buffer (100 mL) 1
227-40306-58 DOSIMYCO, Internal Standard Set (3 x 2,5 mL + 15 mL Recon. Buffer) 1
227-40310-58 DOSIMYCO, Calibrator Set (6 Levels + Blank (500 μL each)) 2
227-40320-58 DOSIMYCO, Control Set (3 Levels (500 μL each)) 2
227-40342-58 DOSIMYCO, Column Set (1 Analytical + 1 Trap Column) 1
RUO Version Optional parts
227-40335-58 DOSIMYCO, Microtubes (500 pcs)
227-40343-58 DOSIMYCO, LC Vial Set (100 LC Vials and Caps)
227-40340-58 DOSIMYCO, Tuning Mix, labeled
227-40341-58 DOSIMYCO, Tuning Mix, unlabeled

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