Nexera series

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Series

Compact and Inventive

Space-Saving Design

Nexera frees up bench space with a compact design two thirds the size of Shimadzu's previous model.

Energy-Saving Standby Mode

Nexera uses over 80% less electricity when in standby mode, significantly reducing running costs and supporting an environmentally-friendly lab.


Dual Injection Enables Simultaneous Analysis

Injection ports for two seperate flow paths can be installed, allowing two different types of analysis (such as analysis of amino acids, organic acids or vitamins) to be performed using one system. (Pat. Pending)


High-Sensitivity Impurity Analysis

The SPD-M40 detector achieves an extremely high level of sensitivity and linearity (up to 2.5 AU). This allows quantitation of very lowconcentration impurities even in high-concentration samples. The UV cut-off filter installed in the detector prevents sample degradation due to UV light, helping to maintain good linearity at low concentrations. (Pat. Pending)


Ultralow Carryover

Nexera boasts ultralow carryover, even on a high-sensitivity LC/MS/MS. This reduces time spent on rinsing, resulting in a shorter overall analysis time. (Pat. Pending)


Stable Baseline

Baseline fluctuations can affect peak area calculation, reducing the accuracy of quantitative results. The SPD-M40 photodiode array detector's "Advanced TC-Optics" function adjusts the temperature of the flow cell, lamp, and optical system to lessen the impact of external temperature changes. Noise and drift have also been reduced by 40% compared to the previous model. (Pat. Pending)


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