Brevis™ GC-2050 - Applications




Residual solvent analysis in pharmaceuticals according to USP <467> using H2 carrier gas


Shown here are the results from an analysis of a standard solution for operating method A (water-soluble samples). In the analysis of carbon tetrachloride, which requires sensitivity confirmation, against residual solvents in Class 1, a good S/N ratio was achieved. Furthermore, excellent separation analysis is possible for Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK), which has been added to the Class 2 list.





Fast analysis of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) using H2 carrier gas with dual injectors

Despite its compact body, the Brevis GC-2050 is capable of simultaneous dual-line analysis. In this example, dual-line, high-speed TPH analysis was performed to maximize analytical throughput with a single GC.




Analysis of residual organic solvents in packaging materials using N2 carrier gas with and the HS-20 NX headspace sampler

The headspace GC method is effective for analysis of residual organic solvents in packaging materials, which are solid samples, and providing high sensitivity and reliability.


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