Method Scouting Features


Selectable System Line-Up

Method scouting can now be performed with Shimadzu's diverse LC product line-up. Choose the system suited to your laboratory environment, whether for SFC investigations or simple investigations on compact systems.

Nexera Method Scouting

  • Capable of automated investigation of conditions in the 130 MPa range, including 192 patterns of 8 mobile phases and 12 columns
  • Also capable of investigating pH conditions with mobile phase blending
Nexera Method Scouting

Nexera Method Scouting


Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph Nexera/UCs
UHPLC/SFC Switching System

  • Optimized for method investigation of chiral compounds
  • Also compatible with LC/SFC switching, for even greater efficiency improvements in method development
Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph Nexera/UCs UHPLC/SFC Switching System

Nexera/UCs UHPLC/SFC Switching System

i-Series Method Scouting

  • Optimized for simple method development with a single pump
  • Space-saving, low-cost design
i-Series Method Scouting

Simple method development


Fully Automated Method Scouting

Combine Method Scouting System with Method Scouting Solution dedicated software to achieve substantial efficiency improvements across all operations from method creation to data acquisition and analysis.

Method Scouting System + Method Scouting Solution

Analysis Schedule Creation

Leaving Method and Analysis Schedule Creation to Method Scouting Solution

Previous method scouting requires preparation of a method every time the column or mobile phase is changed. Investigating 100 different conditions requires the creation of 100 different method files, which is a substantial use of labor hours. Method Scouting Solution automatically creates methods with different columns, mobile phases, and gradient conditions from a single base method, allowing more effective use of your time.

Seamless Evaluation of Results in a Multi-Data Report

Data obtained by method scouting can be evaluated quantitatively with a multi-data report. By employing the evaluation method proposed by Shimadzu that uses resolution and peak detection number, chromatograms can be examined quantitatively and so help the user obtain an optimum method. When templates provided by Shimadzu are registered to Method Scouting Solution, reports are created and output simultaneous with completion of analysis, which allows rapid verification for optimum conditions.


Seamless Evaluation of Results in a Multi-Data Report


Simple Method Setting

Method scouting can involve tedious work during method and batch generation, which is prone to resulting in operational errors.
The Method Scouting Solution graphical user interface is tailored to the system configuration and allows for intuitive and easy creation of method and batch schedules.

Simple Method Setting

(1) Select a mobile phase and (2) select a column
Select the column and mobile phase from those columns and mobile phases already added to the database. Methods will be generated automatically based on the number of selected conditions.

(3) Input sample information
Injection volume and number of injections can be set for each sample.

(4) Input gradient conditions
Gradient conditions can be configured simply by entering duration and concentration parameters. Investigations of gradient speed are also easy to configure.

(5) Create an analysis schedule
An analysis schedule is generated automatically based on the conditions set above. This saves substantial labor over manual setting of conditions, and allows analysis to start immediately.

Improved Operating Rates Due to Automation of Analysis Sequences

Purge conditions and equilibration during automatic switching of mobile phases and columns are key issues in method scouting.
With Method Scouting Solution, these and all laboratory operations can be performed automatically based on conditions set in advance, from automated control to system checks and system shutdown.


All automated

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