Nebulizing Method Siphon splitting
Nebulizer Gas Air or nitrogen*
Mobile Phase Flow Rate (Standard Nebulizer) 0.2 to 2 mL/min
Light source Semiconductor laser
Detector Photodiode
Operating temperature range 4 to 35 °C
Temperature Setting Range Room temperature to 100 °C
Operating Humidity Range 20 to 85 %
Dimensions W 250 × D 530 × H 330 mm
Weight 15.5 kg
Power supply 100 to 240 V AC, 1.2 A (max), 50/60 Hz

* Supply gas at a pressure of about 350 kPa.
An air compressor may also be used.
A filter (P/N: 228-45528-92) is also available for filtering out moisture and other matter from the compressor.
For more details, contact a Shimadzu sales representative.

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