Streamline development of Analysis Conditions and Optimization of Preparative Parameters

Streamline development of Analysis Conditions and Optimization of
Preparative Parameters

In order to separate multiple components, the analysis and fractionation parameters must be optimized, which involves a great deal of work.
Shimadzu provides the Method Scouting system, which investigates conditions at the analytical level. Method Scouting system fully automates method scouting in which combinations of mobile phases and columns are automatically changed, equilibrated, and evaluated, allowing efficient method development.
Further, the preparative system performs automatic simulations using the pre-preparative results, enabling optimization of the fractionation parameters.
This reduces the work involved in investigating conditions, which saves on mobile phase solvent and samples.

Development of Analytical Conditions (Method Scouting System)

Method Scouting System

A development is performed to separate the target compounds at the analysis level.
Using the Shimadzu Method Scouting system together with Method Scouting Solution, a special software program, provides a fast and accurate method scouting workflow, which supports heightened efficiency in method development.

Significantly Reduces the Process of Setting Fractionation Parameters

Simple parameter setting by fraction simulator

LabSolutions™ software provides simulation functions that reduce the labor involved in investigating conditions for analytical and preparative work.
With the LabSolutions fractionation simulator (patent pending), specify the peak segment in the chromatogram to fractionate, and the system automatically sets the parameters required for fractionation. This reduces the time spent on setting fractionation conditions to about 1/4 the typical expenditure.


Noise skipping by new algorithm

When configuring fractionation via automatic peak recognition, noise in the chromatogram is sometimes mistaken for component peaks, resulting in an insufficient number of test tubes for intended collection or improper positioning of collected fractions. With the LabSolutions software Peak Sensitivity Determination function (patent pending), peaks are recognized from the number of data points consecutively exceeding the configured threshold value, to determine whether to fractionate.

Noise skipping by new algorithm


Fraction Purity Checks(LH-40)

A fraction purity check can easily be performed with a single system. Purity checks can be performed without changing the fraction recovery container, so the workload is reduced and throughput is improved.

Results of a purity check:


Sample rescue function prevents the loss of precious samples(LH-40, FRC-40)

Even if a problem occurs during preparative work, the sample remaining in the system can be recovered. By following the rescue instructions, the precious sample is recovered into the specified container rather than being discarded. Additionally, by using the optional waste collector, samples that cannot be recovered due to fractionation mistakes can be retained.

Sample rescue function


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